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25 Tracks Title Description Duration
Title Description Duration
So I Can Do Right By Someone Else
ID: KF027508
Album: Automotive Vol.1
A versatile, cinematic track that is evolving from rhythmic percussion and epic landscapes to energetic dubstep with emotional and melodic strings 01:21
ID: KF027501
Album: Automotive Vol.1
A modern, electronic track that stands out due to its melodic fills, trance synthesizers and spherical pads 01:51
Bad Brax
ID: KF021604
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Modern drum and bass track with very calm bass and progressive synth parts 03:22
ID: KF021201
Album: Electro Club
Groovy tech beat with futuristic synths. Very atmospheric because of the reverberating synths. 03:14
March Through Hell (RMX)
ID: KF020904
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Dramatic orchestra with a powerful dub step beat. Driving sci fi piece with a calm part in the middle and a rising finale. Dub-Step version of "March Through Hell" (KF018501) 02:39
Clever is the Thief (RMX)
ID: KF020901
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Dramatic strings and menacing synths with and increasing intensity. The track has a lot of varying rythms and gets more and more dub step like. 02:44
ID: KF019411
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
A modern military track, lots of drums and synthies, combined with trumpets and orchestra. 01:45
Tech Threat
ID: KF019408
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
Futuristic orchestra music with hard electro elements and timpani beats, accompanied by sombre strings and brass. 02:10
Foul Slaughter
ID: KF019405
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
A rock action track with a fast, energetic rhythm and short electric guitar riffs. 01:01
Fashion Academy
ID: KF015304
Album: Smooth Electro
Electro/dance track with a touch of the eighties, accompanied by synthie pads 02:05
Runners Of Evil
ID: KF014508
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Dramatic, elemental orchestra music. Energetic strings are accompanied by jungle-drums and percussions. 01:08
Swelling Drums
ID: KF014505
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
A powerful mixture of percussions, timpani and drums. Exotic and threatening. 01:05
Smash Attack Reloaded
ID: KF013416
Album: High Action
Driving, powerful action-rock music with electronic elements. At first, dominating drums and timpani, electric guitar adds on towards the end. 01:43
Beechcraft Blast
ID: KF013408
Album: High Action
Heavy metal track with sci-fi elements, very aggressive and energetic. The electric guitars are threatening and fast-paced. 01:34
Empty Faces
ID: KF013407
Album: High Action
Hard rock track with aggressive electric guitar, fast and threatening. Accompanied by electro elements and energetic drums. 01:43
Living Hell
ID: KF013406
Album: High Action
Aggressive, futuristic rock track with hard electric guitars and a fast, restless synthie beat. 01:42
Frantic Heartbeat
ID: KF013404
Album: High Action
Hard, futuristic rock track with powerful electric guitars and electro beats. Energetic and aggressive. 01:19
Vertical Mobility
ID: KF013401
Album: High Action
Rapid, aggressive action track with hard electro beats and brass. With a fast, rushing rhythm. 01:09
Into The Machine
ID: KF013121
Album: Hard Electro
Fast and driving electro sci-fi groove with breakbeats. 02:14
Attack Run
ID: KF013105
Album: Hard Electro
Sci-fi track with electro and synthie elements. Energetic, playful and uplifting. 02:30
Centerpiece Breaker
ID: KF013103
Album: Hard Electro
Futuristic electro-rock track. Fast, dynamic and spheric. 02:08
Modern Chase
ID: KF010218
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic orchestral action track with heavy brass and a fast-paced rhythm. 02:07
Conquer The Sky
ID: KF010207
Album: Action Orchestra
Send a call to arms with this dramatic, brass laden orchestral action track. 02:06
Chasing The Mole
ID: KF010206
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced, menacing action piece interspersed with a duduk and oriental vocals. 03:16
Percussive Curse
ID: KF010201
Album: Action Orchestra
Hounded percussion and hammering piano in a dramatíc orchestral action piece. 02:15
25 Tracks Title Description Duration